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Título: Using Information Retrieval Techniques for Keyword and Evaluation Extraction
Autores: Burrows, C.
Malheiro, Ricardo
Palavras-chave: Document Indexing
Keyword Extraction
Information Retrieval Tools
Data: abr-2008
Editora: IADIS International Conference for Information Systems,
Citação: Burrows, C. e Malheiro, R., "Using Information Retrieval Techniques for Keyword and Evaluation Extraction", IADIS International Conference for Information Systems, Algarve, Portugal, Abril de 2008 - Projecto Ancorp.
Resumo: With the growth of online businesses, it is necessary for consumers to have easy access to the desired product. This access is usually achieved through search features which associate lists of keywords to the available products or by browsing through the different categories. Using Information Retrieval techniques like indexing and searching, this paper shows how to create wordlists from the collections of documents sold by an online publisher and compare the lists of associated keywords with the indexes so as to evaluate their completion, and if new keywords are obtained, a proposition will be made to be added to the existing lists. This will be particularly useful for the consumers whose access to the documents will be simplified, and to the business itself who will obtain customer satisfaction.
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