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Título: Young Users and the Swipe Logic in Smartphones
Autores: Fernandes, Samuel
Rodrigues, Rui
Oliveira, Lídia
Palavras-chave: Cultura Swipe - Swipe Culture
Smartphones - Smartphones
Jovens utilizadores - Young users
Comunicação - Communication
Data: mar-2019
Editora: Meltemi
Citação: Fernandes, S., Rodrigues, R., & Oliveira, L. (2019). Young Users and the Swipe Logic in Smartphones. In Codice e luoghi. Abitare le relazione nel reale/digitale. Meltemi Editore
Resumo: In a society of quick technological development, coupled with the growing use of smartphones, new habits of interaction and consumption of contents arise, namely, through gestures based on touch. One of these new habits of interaction is the swipe - quick movement done with the thumb. This gesture allows users to make decisions quickly, spontaneously and decisively, which may not only refer to the swipe logic as a technical aspect of interaction, but also to associate it with possible behavioral changes in the interaction with contents. The aim of this study was to understand if this interaction logic is implicit in the young, if they use it regularly, and if it has implications in the way they interact with them. In order to reach this goal, 34 students from the Department of Communication and Art of the University of Aveiro were asked to take a test using the eye tracker, where they had to complete the proposed tasks, which could be solved with or without the swipe logic. The results obtained lead to the conclusion that participants with android operating system are not familiar with the swipe logic. On the other hand, the participants with the iOS operating system showed to be familiar with this logic and have used it to complete the tasks that have been proposed. Finally, the results also showed that participants were able to perform tasks more efficiently using this interaction logic.
URI: http://repositorio.ismt.pt/jspui/handle/123456789/1357
ISBN: 888353946X
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