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Título: Multi-Modal Emotion Music Recognition (MER): A New Dataset, Methodology and Comparative Analysis
Autores: Reis, F.
Malheiro, Ricardo
Palavras-chave: Mobile
virtual world
Data: mar-2011
Editora: IADIS
Citação: Reis, F. e Malheiro, R., “Umniversity Platform - Four Integration Vectors Towards Mobile Learning”, IADIS International Conference for Mobile Learning, Ávila, Spain, Março de 2011
Resumo: There are currently two major trends in what higher education learning is concerned. The first is to respond to an increasingly mobile student population including those that are already working and need to improve their skills. The second is to model new pedagogical theories and practices that can contribute to better learning outcomes. Both try to adapt to a more distributed knowledge vision and to take advantage of how collaborative tools are shaping our work and lives in general. Instead of developing new theories, the Umniversity platform was developed so as to evaluate existing ones. Developed tools were motivated by current thinking about the future of learning and hopefully they will contribute to enable innovative practices helping shape future thinking. Four integration vectors are presented to accomplish this.
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